Jan 7, 2011

Running Civ IV on HFS+ Case-Sensitive

This post is completely unrelated to application security but since I struggled for two hours not finding my specific solution anywhere I just though I'd post ...

How I got Civ IV working on my Mac OS X with case-sensitive file system (HFS+ case-sensitive).

The basic trick is to create a new case-insensitive disk image using the disk utility tool in /Applications/Utilities. Do it with the following specs (taken from this blog post):
  • Name: caseinsensitive (or any other lower-case name of your liking)
  • Size: Custom 30 Gb (it will only use up the space you need anyway)
  • Format: Mac OS Extended journaled (i e not case-sensitive)
  • Encryption: None
  • Partitions: No partition map
  • Image format: Sparse bundle disk image (this makes sure you only use the space necessary)

Now you uninstall Civ IV from your regular drive (most probably from /Applications) by deleting these folders and files:
  • "Civilization IV Gold" folder which contains the game applications
  • "home folder\Documents\Civilization IV" folder
  • "home folder\Documents\Civilization IV Warlords" folder if you have Civ IV Gold Ed.
  • "home folder\Library\Application Support\Civilization IV" folder
  • "home folder\Library\Application Support\Civilization IV Warlords" folder if you have Civ IV Gold Ed.
  • "home folder\Library\Preferences\com.aspyr.civ4.plist" file
  • "home folder\Library\Preferences\com.aspyr.civ4warlords.plist" file if you have Civ IV Gold Ed.

Then you install Civ IV from your DVD to the newly created disk image named "caseinsensitive". I additionally created a folder structure on the new disk image using these shell commands (don't know if they're needed):
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Documents/
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Documents/Civilization\ IV
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Library
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Library/Preferences
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Library/Application\ Support
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Library/Application\ Support/Civilization\ IV

Finally you just start Civ IV from the new disk image. Happy gaming!

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