Jan 27, 2011

65,000 New Jobs in Sweden 2011

Sweden is in a better economic and fiscal shape than most other OECD countries, says OECD. That situation means labor demand is growing and The Swedish Public Employment Service today announced its predictions for empoyment in 2011.

"A total of 65,000 more are expected to get jobs during the year and the number of occupations where there is a shortage of labor is increasing steadily. Most difficult for employers to find staff will be in the computer professions, engineering professions and construction trades because there are too few trained."

Here's their press release in Swedish. You can translate it with Google.

If you have IT skills – welcome to Sweden!

Jan 26, 2011

Countdown Challenge for OWASP Summit

The official OWASP Summit Challenge is out – a JavaScript fighting arena where your script should show its name more prominently than its competitors. The first round attracted 8 contestants and "dross" scored the first point. Check out all the scripts and the next round of competition: http://makeXORbreak.com

The challenge starts the countdown to one of the most important meetings in application security history. February 8-11 we invite you all to join round-table discussions with industry and research leaders on how to solve XSS and enhance browser security, which appsec metrics work, security of HTML5 and EcmaScript 5 and more. We truly believe that crucial things can happen in a social, productivity-oriented environment. That's why OWASP is going all-in on the Summit.

Google will be there. Mozilla will be there. Microsoft will be there. Facebook will be there. PayPal will be there. Apache will be there. The world's top appsec companies will be there. The authors of (my) favorite appsec books will be there.

OWASP Summit 2011

Best thing of all? You are most welcome to join!

Jan 7, 2011

Running Civ IV on HFS+ Case-Sensitive

This post is completely unrelated to application security but since I struggled for two hours not finding my specific solution anywhere I just though I'd post ...

How I got Civ IV working on my Mac OS X with case-sensitive file system (HFS+ case-sensitive).

The basic trick is to create a new case-insensitive disk image using the disk utility tool in /Applications/Utilities. Do it with the following specs (taken from this blog post):
  • Name: caseinsensitive (or any other lower-case name of your liking)
  • Size: Custom 30 Gb (it will only use up the space you need anyway)
  • Format: Mac OS Extended journaled (i e not case-sensitive)
  • Encryption: None
  • Partitions: No partition map
  • Image format: Sparse bundle disk image (this makes sure you only use the space necessary)

Now you uninstall Civ IV from your regular drive (most probably from /Applications) by deleting these folders and files:
  • "Civilization IV Gold" folder which contains the game applications
  • "home folder\Documents\Civilization IV" folder
  • "home folder\Documents\Civilization IV Warlords" folder if you have Civ IV Gold Ed.
  • "home folder\Library\Application Support\Civilization IV" folder
  • "home folder\Library\Application Support\Civilization IV Warlords" folder if you have Civ IV Gold Ed.
  • "home folder\Library\Preferences\com.aspyr.civ4.plist" file
  • "home folder\Library\Preferences\com.aspyr.civ4warlords.plist" file if you have Civ IV Gold Ed.

Then you install Civ IV from your DVD to the newly created disk image named "caseinsensitive". I additionally created a folder structure on the new disk image using these shell commands (don't know if they're needed):
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Documents/
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Documents/Civilization\ IV
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Library
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Library/Preferences
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Library/Application\ Support
  • mkdir /Volumes/caseinsensitive/Library/Application\ Support/Civilization\ IV

Finally you just start Civ IV from the new disk image. Happy gaming!